A client for scuttlebutt network as a Firefox WebExtension
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PATCHFOX - A Secure Scuttlebutt client for Firefox as a WebExtension

This is an ALPHA quality WebExtension.


This is free software under the terms of the MIT license. I would love contributions to this WebExtension. I tried to make it as vanilla as possible to the point that it is quite naive. My objective is to make it approachable for new contributors with minimal knowledge of JS and Elm.

The WebExtension is running on a different and isolated DOM than the page being displayed so we don't need to worry about many stuff that is common to Web Development.

If you want to contribute, these are some ideas:

  • Need to expose more API calls.
  • Need a shim to make WebExtension developer life easier so they don't keep programming in such low-level API like ports.
  • Need robust setup code and instructions.


Don't hesitate to reach out to me at:

  • Scuttlebutt: @gaQw6z30GpfsW9k8V5ED4pHrg8zmrqku24zTSAINhRg=.ed25519
  • Mastodon: @soapdog@toot.cafe
  • Twitter: @soapdog


Do you want a decentralized internet too? Are you worried about the loss of net neutrality and realized that radical decentralization is the way to fight back? Have some cryptobucks to spare? If you want to make a financial contribution to help me fund development of this and other dex focused software, I would love to receive contributions in the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum: 0x0bd1bbb25cc9dd2ce8ea1fba4e333ff091f671a9
  • Bitcoin: 1Px1PeVBJ2Mz1iC6UF8UZVXW7zPoonMVKJ