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This is the home of the SolidStart, the Solid app framework.


  • File-system based routing
  • Supports all rendering modes:
    • Server-side rendering (SSR)
    • Streaming SSR
    • Client-side rendering (CSR)
    • Static site generation (SSG)
  • Streaming
  • Build optimizations with code splitting, tree shaking and dead code elimination
  • API Routes
  • Built on Web standards like Fetch, Streams, and WebCrypto
  • Adapters for deployment to all popular platforms
  • CSS Modules, SASS/SCSS Support
  • TypeScript-first

Getting started

Create a SolidStart application and run a development server using your preferred package manager:

mkdir my-app
cd my-app

# with npm
npm init solid@latest
npm install
npm run dev

# or with pnpm
pnpm create solid@latest
pnpm install
pnpm dev

# or with Bun
bun create solid@latest
bun install
bun dev


You should use a Node.js version manager compatible with .node-version (asdf-vm is a great option macOS/Linux users)

The monorepo uses pnpm as the package manager. To install pnpm, run the following command in your terminal.

npm install -g pnpm

Run pnpm install to install all the dependencies for the packages and examples in your monorepo.

Run pnpm build to build SolidStart project

Monorepo & project.json "workspace" support

If you are using SolidStart within a monorepo that takes advantage of the package.json "workspaces" property (e.g. Yarn workspaces) with hoisted dependencies (the default for Yarn), you must include #solidjs/start within the optional "nohoist" (for Yarn v2 or higher, see further down for instructions) workspaces property.

  • In the following, "workspace root" refers to the root of your repository while "project root" refers to the root of a child package within your repository.

For example, if specifying "nohoist" options from the workspace root (i.e. for all packages):

// in workspace root
  "workspaces": {
    "packages": [
      /* ... */
    "nohoist": ["**/@solidjs/start"]

If specifying "nohoist" options for a specific package using @solidjs/start:

// in project root of a workspace child
  "workspaces": {
    "nohoist": ["@solidjs/start"]

Regardless of where you specify the nohoist option, you also need to include @solidjs/start as a devDependency in the child package.json.

The reason why this is necessary is because @solidjs/start creates an index.html file within your project which expects to load a script located in /node_modules/@solidjs/start/runtime/entry.jsx (where / is the path of your project root). By default, if you hoist the @solidjs/start dependency into the workspace root then that script will not be available within the package's node_modules folder.

Yarn v2 or higher

The nohoist option is no longer available in Yarn v2+. In this case, we can use the installConfig property in the package.json (either workspace package or a specific project package) to make sure our deps are not hoisted.

// in project root of a workspace child
  "installConfig": {
    "hoistingLimits": "dependencies"