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  • Blacklist purge method (#1639).
  • Able to stop multiple tasks (#1504).
    This commit adds a new method to the Node API which provides able to stop several tasks at once.
  • Add axe optimization model (#1634).
    This is the model from the winner of our Programming Challenge.
  • Show hourly expenses for deals (#1515).
  • Common pool processor for anti-fraud (#1552).
    Idea is very similar to the "commonLogProcessor". This commit extracts common parts from pool processor into reusable structure. Now we can easily add new pools only by implementing the "updateFunc" function.
  • Forward deals support in Optimus (#1632).
    Now Optimus is capable of optimizing orders that are targeting to forward deals in addition to its previous spot-only support. In the config one can specify the maximum deal duration that Optimus will take in action.
  • Expose DWH API on Node (#1626).
  • Add more REST interceptors - logging and tracing (#1623).
  • Return REST errors as JSON (#1621).
    This commit slightly changes the REST server behavior by forcing to return errors as JSON for the sake of consistency. Previously all errors were returned as a plain text. Now set set the application/json header and wrap the error into a JSON object. Also the encoding/decoding logic was slightly changed - now if a Node is configured into secure mode it will return all responses as encoded byte array. This was done for symmetry, because one can have a client with encoder, and it expects the encoded response. Previously if a request failed in URI parsing stage a plain-text reply was returned. That was unexpected and completely helpless for people that try to work with secure Node in insecure manner. The error says something, but anyway you're unable to do anything with the Node unless you have a client-side encoder/decoder.
  • Enable some of gRPC interceptors for REST (#1620).
  • Teach Optimus to cancel optimization (#1622).
    Now Optimus can stop its optimization process if a caller no longer awaits for the result.
  • Validate prediction request (#1617).
  • Dwh out of sync mode (#1604).
  • Generalized log parser for Connor. (#1595).
    This commit removes particular log parser with a single one with a subset of settings which can be applied to (almost) any logs with a number in their fields. Log reader now has 3 options related to logline analyzing:
    • String pattern to detect line with logs. E.g: line that has 'Total speed' in it will be analyzed, if it doesn't - we'll skip this line.
    • Field number in line. Describes which position in a string is a numeric value that shows task quality (hash rate, actually).
    • The multiplier for parsed value. Used when a field contains the value in KHash/s or MHash/s. Use "1" if the multiplier is not applicable for the value.
  • Show trace info in Rendezvous logs (#1601).
  • Price prediction for suppliers (#1594).
    Node service is now capable to obtain an approximate predicted price for devices configuration, i.e. implements price prediction for suppliers.
  • Adapt extra orders in Connor (#1591).
    This commit adds config option that change "restoreMarketState" behavior. If "no_cancel" parameter is enabled, Connor will adapt orders that not fits in target orders set.


  • Single shot ask plans (#1541).
    This PR changes ask-plan behavior, now after the order is canceled, or a deal is closed ask plan is removed. This should work better with Optimus bot, as it does continuous optimization and also simplifies the code, allowing to make separate scheduling for forwarding deals.


  • Set proper status on container exit (#1643).
  • Chunked deals fetching in Optimus (#1642).
    While we're having constantly increasing the number of deals it may appear, that fetching the entire data set of deals can overflow the allowed gRPC response size. This commit fixes that behavior by fetching deals chunked.
  • Zero values in DWH (#1638).
  • Race condition while resetting puncher (#1637).
    This commit fixes a thread-safety issue while handling Rendezvous errors. Previously the puncher was reset in another thread, which might cause a race condition, leading to unrecoverable error returned from an acceptor and further worker stop. Now all of this is done in the same thread when the puncher is handled.
  • Compare only victim price in Optimus (#1636).
  • Forward meta headers to worker interceptor (#1633).
    This commit adds ability to set worker header via HTTP 1.1 request. Header will be used by WorkerManagement interceptor to create connection.
  • Decrease connection timeout in sonmmon (#1630).
  • Proper worker startup, removing concurrent container cleanup. (#1602).
    This PR fixes behaviour when containers are being concurrently removed in event watcher, resulting in error in OnDealFinish call (e.g. inablility to push already removed container to registry). If this situation took place on startup - worker would fail to start.
  • No SIGSEGV while logging requests (#1628).
  • Proper full method name for REST server (#1629).
  • Don't init Connor's backends twice (#1606).
  • Properly generate hash (#1616).
  • Sonmmon should not depend on sonmcli (#1618).
  • Dedup orders while doing genetics in Optimus (#1611).
    The God of Random in Optimus sometimes put the same order several times into a genome in genetic optimization, which results in invalid knapsack construction. This commit fixes that behavior by doing orders deduplication while crossing over and mutating genomes.
  • Default value for new benchmarks in Optimus (#1610).
    When we add a new benchmark, Worker is required to be restarted to update those benchmarks. However when doing supplier price prediction, it is possible to forget setting some of the benchmarks, which results in completely ignoring values in Optimus. All of this results in invalid prediction. This commit fixes such behavior.
  • Wait for status before starting X (#1605).
  • Properly remove ask plan (#1593).
  • Set JSON content type for REST responses (#1599).
  • Chunked fetching orders in Optimus (#1590).
    We've reached gRPC frame size limit when fetching too many orders from the DWH. This commit applies paging to avoid this problem.
  • Remove redundant and dangerous channel closing (#1592).
  • Proper error handling in MultiSig API (#1584).
  • Bump version in Makefile (#1588).
  • Relay asynchronously (#1589).
    Do not block on meeting, while holding a lock.
  • Socket leak in Relay (#1580).
    Several weeks ago a new bug was introduced in Relay server - half of the remote peer sockets were leaked forever. This was because of improper synchronization during rendezvous point, where both remote server and client are met. So when a client did its job we closed only a server socket, not the client one and vise-verse. This patch fixes such behavior - everything should work fine from now, at least with dead socket collection. Closes #1566.
  • Handle error if failed to create a new account (#1583).
  • Check for deal existence before processing (#1557).
    We can get a race when "waitForDeal"'s timer ticks after the "waitForExternalUpdates"'s one. Deal will be traited as externally opened and its processing will be started. Then waitForDeal will make a tick, detected new deal opened for known order and add the same deal to the processing. This commit adds check that deal is not in the state storage before starting the processing routine.