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PyTorch 1.0 Tutorial
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PyTorch Tutorial

This repository contains material to get started with PyTorch v1.0.

Table of Contents

PART 0 - Foreword

  • Foreword - Why PyTorch and why not? Why this talk?

PART 1 - Basics

PART 2 - Computer Vision

PART 3 - Misc, Cool Applications, Tips, Advanced

PART -2 - WIP and TODO

  • TODO nn and nn.Module
  • TODO Deployment
  • TODO Deployment with TF Serving
  • TODO nn.init
  • TODO PyTorch C++ frontend

PART -1 - The End



  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • conda

Install Dependencies

# If you have a GPU and CUDA 10
conda env create -f environment_gpu.yml
# If you don't have a GPU
conda env create -f environment_cpu.yml

# activate the conda environment
source activate pytorch_tutorial_123

Download data and models

Download data and models for the tutorial:


Then you should be ready to go. Start jupyter lab:

jupyter lab


To get the jupyter lab table of contents extensions do the following:

jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/toc

Prior Versions

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