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A modest collection of PHP libraries used at SparkFun.

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various tweaks to Application & Environment behavior

- actions may now return Generators (useful for doing piece-at-a-time
  output in CLI applications)
- Environment now handles HTTP headers
- fixes a CLI routing bug with leading slashes
- Application&env() to return current Environment
latest commit a4474cd4ed
Brennen Bearnes brennen authored April 07, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 lib various tweaks to Application & Environment behavior April 07, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 update with some more excuses February 20, 2014


SparkLib is a modest collection of PHP libraries from your friends at SparkFun Electronics.

We find these useful; maybe you will too. That said, we lay no special claims to originality or general applicability. Interfaces herein are unstable, the wheel is reinvented often, and most features depend on a recent stable release of the language. Cleverness is avoided where possible.

Some of the contents of this repository contain dependencies external to SparkLib, there are no unit tests provided, and example code for the Application stuff is notably lacking. We'll work on all of that.

Documentation, such as it is, can generally be found in the code.

Contents include:

  • Autoloader - a simple, almost-standards-compliant autoloader
  • Application - a web application framework
  • Bugzilla - a very simple client for a subset of the Bugzilla API
  • Fail - a simple error and exception logging facility
  • Iterator - A base class with extra methods for SPL Iterators
  • SocialNoise - quick and dirty display of search results for some social networks
  • Template - an object wrapper for using PHP files as templates
  • Util - a miscellany
  • jsonRPC - a half-baked fork of Sergio Vaccaro's JSON-RPC code

-- bpb

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