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A mod for the game Factorio, causing full belts to overflow at the end.
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A mod for the game Factorio, causing full belts to overflow at the end.

Whenever items on a belt are unable to proceed ahead smoothly, they will fall off the belt onto a nearby tile. That tile might be empty, or it could be onto another belt, wreaking havoc on your production line.

Items can fall off at the end of a series of belts (and splitters and underground belts), at a side loading location, at a splitter being used to combine two belts, and a few other places that items can get stuck.

Suggested approaches for avoiding overflowing belts:

  • Ensure demand exceeds supply, more assemblers than furnaces
  • Put chests at overflow points
  • Return unused materials back to the main bus
  • Pull items directly from your main bus
  • Use logisitic bots
  • Use belt loops everywhere, so inserters won't put items on full belts
  • Use direct insertion between buildings, furnace to assembler to assembler
  • Use circuits and/or smart inserters to avoid over-production

Suggested approaches for minimizing damage from overflow:

  • Ensure no belt terminates near another belt
  • Use splitter filters or smart inserters to filter trash from belts before they reach your assemblers

Known bugs:

  • Some side loading configurations overflow incorrectly
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