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James Tauber

Esperance, Western Australia

I develop Python libraries for text analysis and language learning, with a focus on historical languages. I also work on text preparation and linguistic annotation. Sponsorship will also help me free up more time to produce open educational resources relating to all these topics.

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Featured work

  1. jtauber/greek-inflexion

    Python library for generating (and analyzing) Ancient Greek inflectional paradigms

    Python 28
  2. jtauber/pyuca

    a Python implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm

    Python 182
  3. jtauber/greek-accentuation

    Python 3 library for accenting (and analyzing the accentuation of) Ancient Greek words

    Python 39
  4. jtauber/greek-normalisation

    utilities for validating and normalising Ancient Greek text

    Python 16
  5. jtauber/vocabulary-tools

    consolidating various tools for exploring vocabulary stats and ordering

    Python 15
  6. jtauber/gothica

    linguistic data, text, and code relating to the Gothic language

    HTML 3

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