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👋 Hello! I'm Mihir :)

...but you probably know me as plibither8 🙃

I'm an open source developer, maintainer and sophomore studying CS. I have worked on, built, maintained and contributed to 50+ projects, repositories, products and other software. Its been over three years since I built my first open source software, and I don't intend to stop :D! All my work is publicly accessible on GitHub. ❤️

I consider myself mainly a JavaScript dev, and am the author and maintainer of many popular products. I created 2048.cpp, a terminal version of the game 2048, which was featured by GitHub on their Twitter and Facebook pages 🎉. It has since then been used as an example project by a few other organisations too!

I've also created Markdown New Tab and Refined Hacker News which are both popular browser extensions, and vscode-remove-comment which is VS Code extension. Combined, they have 15k+ users 🔥. More recently, I've written and deployed many microservices and APIs on Vercel's platform.

You can know more about me from my website:, and a list of all the projects I have worked on.

Most, rather all, of the projects that I have created here have been made by me during my study-breaks and free time. Through GitHub Sponsors, if you consider to support me, my work and its development, I would be eternally grateful ❤️!

Cheers, and have a nice day :)

Featured work

  1. plibither8/2048.cpp

    🎮 Fully featured terminal version of the game "2048" written in C++

  2. plibither8/refined-hacker-news

    Hacker News, but refined — Interface tweaks and features to make the HN experience better

    JavaScript 682
  3. plibither8/markdown-new-tab

    🗒️ Save notes in Markdown directly in the 'New Tab' page

    JavaScript 780
  4. plibither8/licensed

    ⚖️ ✔️ licensed is an interactive command line tool to help you choose and add licenses to your projects

    JavaScript 223
  5. plibither8/vscode-remove-comments

    🚫 VS Code extension to remove all comments from your code at once — 60+ languages supported

    TypeScript 22
  6. plibither8/made-with-love-in

    🛠️ ❤️ 🗺️ 🛡️ — Mircoservice for serving and listing "Made with love in <country-name>" badges

    HTML 23

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