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Spring Data Couchbase Spring Data Couchbase

Spring Data Couchbase icon?job=spring data couchbase%2Fmain&subject=Build Gitter

The primary goal of the Spring Data project is to make it easier to build Spring-powered applications that use new data access technologies such as non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud based data services.

The Spring Data Couchbase project aims to provide a familiar and consistent Spring-based programming model for Couchbase Server as a document database and cache while retaining store-specific features and capabilities. Key functional areas of Spring Data Couchbase are a POJO centric model for interacting with a Couchbase Server Bucket and easily writing a repository style data access layer.

Integration tests require a couchbase server with a bucket name "protected" with "password" as the password set. If the server allows users, then an user with username "protected" with "password" as the password should also be set. The recommended way to run tests is to install docker and use container in

This project is lead and maintained by Couchbase, Inc.


  • Spring configuration support using Java based @Configuration classes or an XML namespace for the Couchbase driver (Java SDK version 2.x).

  • CouchbaseTemplate helper class that increases productivity performing common Couchbase operations. Includes integrated object mapping between documents and POJOs.

  • Exception translation into Spring’s portable Data Access Exception hierarchy.

  • Feature Rich Object Mapping integrated with Spring’s Conversion Service.

  • Annotation based mapping metadata but extensible to support other metadata formats.

  • Automatic implementation of Repository interfaces including support for custom finder methods (backed by Couchbase’s query language, N1QL) and PagingAndSortingRepository.

  • For Couchbase server versions < 4.0, repositories can still be backed by Couchbase Views.

  • Support for geospatial and multidimensional querying (backed by Couchbase Spatial Views)

  • JMX administration and monitoring

  • Can serve as the backend for @Cacheable support, to cache any objects you need for high performance access (see sibling Spring Cache project in Couchbase’s github, couchbaselabs/couchbase-spring-cache).

Version compatibility

Spring-Data Couchbase 3.0.x is the Spring Data connector for the Couchbase Java SDK 2.x generation.

Both the SDK and this Spring Data community project are major version changes with lots of differences from their respective previous versions.

Notably, this version is compatible with Couchbase Server 4.0, bringing support for the N1QL query language.

Code of Conduct

This project is governed by the Spring Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code of conduct. Please report unacceptable behavior to

Getting Started

Here is a quick teaser of an application using Spring Data Repositories in Java:

public interface PersonRepository extends CrudRepository<Person, Long> {

  List<Person> findByLastname(String lastname);

  List<Person> findByFirstnameLike(String firstname);

public class MyService {

  private final PersonRepository repository;

  public MyService(PersonRepository repository) {
    this.repository = repository;

  public void doWork() {


    Person person = new Person();

    List<Person> lastNameResults = repository.findByLastname("Base");
    List<Person> firstNameResults = repository.findByFirstnameLike("Cou*");

public class Config extends AbstractCouchbaseConfiguration {

	protected List<String> getBootstrapHosts() {
		return Arrays.asList("host1", "host2");

	protected String getBucketName() {
		return "default";

	protected String getPassword() {
		return "";

Maven configuration

Add the Maven dependency:


If you’d rather like the latest snapshots of the upcoming major version, use our Maven snapshot repository and declare the appropriate dependency version.


  <name>Spring Snapshot Repository</name>

Getting Help

Having trouble with Spring Data? We’d love to help!

Reporting Issues

Spring Data uses JIRA as issue tracking system to record bugs and feature requests. If you want to raise an issue, please follow the recommendations below:

  • Before you log a bug, please search the issue tracker to see if someone has already reported the problem.

  • If the issue doesn’t already exist, create a new issue.

  • Please provide as much information as possible with the issue report, we like to know the version of Spring Data that you are using and JVM version.

  • If you need to paste code, or include a stack trace use JIRA {code}…{code} escapes before and after your text.

  • If possible try to create a test-case or project that replicates the issue. Attach a link to your code or a compressed file containing your code.

Building from Source

You don’t need to build from source to use Spring Data (binaries in, but if you want to try out the latest and greatest, Spring Data can be easily built with the maven wrapper. You also need JDK 17 or above.

 $ ./mvnw clean install

If you want to build with the regular mvn command, you will need Maven v3.5.0 or above.

Also see CONTRIBUTING.adoc if you wish to submit pull requests, and in particular please sign the Contributor’s Agreement before your first non-trivial change.

Building reference documentation

Building the documentation builds also the project without running tests.

 $ ./mvnw clean install -Pdistribute

The generated documentation is available from target/site/reference/html/index.html.

Building and staging reference documentation for review

  export MY_GIT_USER=<github-user>
  mvn generate-resources
  pushd /tmp
  mkdir $$
  cd $$
  # see
  # this examples uses a repository named "staged"
  git clone${MY_GIT_USER}/staged.git -b gh-pages
  cd staged
  cp -R $docs/* .
  git add .
  git commit --message "stage for review"
  git push origin gh-pages

The generated documentation is available from target/site/reference/html/index.html.



Spring Data Couchbase is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.