Simplifies building hypermedia-driven REST web services on top of Spring Data repositories
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Spring Data REST Spring Data REST

Spring Data REST

The goal of the project is to provide a flexible and configurable mechanism for writing simple services that can be exposed over HTTP.

The first exporter implemented is a JPA Repository exporter. This takes your JPA repositories and front-ends them with HTTP, allowing you full CRUD capability over your entities, to include managing associations.


Installation instructions are in the docs:


The Spring Data REST is Apache 2.0 licensed.

Contributing to Spring Data Rest

Here are some ways for you to get involved in the community:

  • Get involved with the Spring community on Stackoverflow. Please help out on the spring-data-rest tag by responding to questions and joining the debate.

  • Create JIRA tickets for bugs and new features and comment and vote on the ones that you are interested in.

  • Github is for social coding: if you want to write code, we encourage contributions through pull requests from forks of this repository. If you want to contribute code this way, please reference a JIRA ticket as well covering the specific issue you are addressing.

  • Watch for upcoming articles on Spring by subscribing to

Before we accept a non-trivial patch or pull request we will need you to sign the contributor’s agreement. Signing the contributor’s agreement does not grant anyone commit rights to the main repository, but it does mean that we can accept your contributions, and you will get an author credit if we do. Active contributors might be asked to join the core team, and given the ability to merge pull requests.


We disabled the github issues since we want to use JIRA as the only issue tracker. All open existing issues have been automatically imported into JIRA, so nothing was lost :)