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SQLite JavaScript client.
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SQLite client for JavaScript.

See for a general overview.


  • yarn add sqlite-mpi-client-js
    • Or: npm install --save sqlite-mpi-client-js

IO Providers

You also need to install an IO provider.


See ./test/all for detailed usage.

Get a file ref

// Note: Example is for Node.js.
const {smpi} = require("sqlite-mpi-client-js");
const iop = require("smpi-iop-node-ffi");

const c = smpi.newClient(iop);
const f = c.newFileRef("/tmp/db-file.sqlite");

Write transactions

  • There is only one active write transaction at a time per SQLite file.

    • This applies at an OS level, for all processes.
  • Write tx requests will queue when there is an active outstanding write tx.

    • Queued write tx requests will resolve in First In First Out (FIFO) manner.
    • When the promise returned from f.getWriteTx() resolves, the wtx is active.
const wtx = await f.getWriteTx();

// `q` can be a read or write with write txs.
await wtx.q("SELECT 1+1");

await"SELECT 1+1");

await wtx.write("INSERT ...");

await wtx.commit();
// await wtx.rollback();

Read transactions

  • Read transactions are concurrent; you can have many read transactions active and reading from the same database file.
const rtx = await f.getReadTx();

// `q` must be a read.
await rtx.q("SELECT 1+1");

await"SELECT 1+1");

// No writes.
// await tx.write("INSERT ...");

await rtx.commit();
// await rtx.rollback();


const wtx = await f.getWriteTx();

// Index based.
await wtx.write("INSERT INTO t1 (b) VALUES (?), (?)", [1, 2]);
await wtx.write("INSERT INTO t1 (b) VALUES (?1), (?2)", [3, 4]);

// Key based.
await wtx.write("INSERT INTO t1 (b) VALUES (:x), (:y)", {x: 1, y: 2});
await wtx.write("INSERT INTO t1 (b) VALUES (@x), (@y)", {x: 1, y: 2});
await wtx.commit();


  • SQLite WAL mode is always on; you can not turn it off.
  • Reads are concurrent, writes queue.
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