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SMPI IOP for React Native.
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SMPI IOP for React Native.


Considering a newly created React Native project:

  • npx react-native init TestProj
  • yarn add sqlite-mpi-client-js
  • yarn add smpi-iop-react-native
  • cd ios; pod install
    • Autolinking should discover smpi-iop-react-native
    • open TestProj.xcworkspace
    • Add $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/usr/lib/swift/$(PLATFORM_NAME) to Target -> Build Settings -> Library Search Paths. - Fixes Could not find auto-linked library 'swiftCoreImage'.

You may also need to install in order to get file paths to pass the SMPI JS client.

An example React Native project:


See for a general overview.

A React Native app consists of the following "layers":

  • A. JS application code.
  • B. Host code (iOS/Android)
  • C. Guest code (SQLite MPI binary that uses FFI)

The SMPI JS client provides a SQLite API to use in layer A.

  • The client is pure JS, and allows you to provide it IOP (Input Output Providers).
  • IOPs allow different implementations of sending and receiving data.
  • This allows the client to run in any JS environment that can send/receive data.

This repo

  • Is a React Native module.
  • Contains the code for layers B and C.
  • Is an IOP implementation that is passed to the SMPI JS client constructor.
  • Contains SQLite already compiled.
    • Compiled as a shared library that is linked to the host in layer B.
      • iOS uses a Universal Static Library (single binary that contains all architectures).
      • Android chooses the correct JNI binary to use at runtime (arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86).

License note

The shared library binaries (.so, .a) included in this repo are MIT licensed, but the source code that produced them is closed and proprietary.

A perpetual license for the source code can be arranged for a small fee, please contact

See for more details.

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