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Stackable operator-rs

PRs Welcome Apache License 2.0

Stackable Data Platform | Platform Docs | Discussions | Discord

This is a simple Rust library that includes all kinds of helper methods, structs and enums that can be used to write a Kubernetes Controller/Operator with the kube-rs crate.

It is part of the Stackable Data Platform, a curated selection of the best open source data apps like Apache Kafka, Apache Druid, Trino or Apache Spark, all working together seamlessly. Based on Kubernetes, Stackable is designed to run on prem or in the cloud.


This project is not featured in our main documentation documents. The code contains doc comments, and you can find explanations of high-level concepts in the main documentation of the Stackable products at

To see examples of how operator-rs is being used, take a look at the codebases of our operator repositories.

If you have a question about the Stackable Data Platform contact us via our homepage or ask a public questions in our Discussions forum.

About The Stackable Data Platform

This operator is written and maintained by Stackable and it is part of a larger data platform.

Stackable Data Platform Overview

Stackable makes it easy to operate data applications in any Kubernetes cluster.

The data platform offers many operators, new ones being added continuously. All our operators are designed and built to be easily interconnected and to be consistent to work with.

The Stackable GmbH is the company behind the Stackable Data Platform. Offering professional services, paid support plans and custom development.

We love open-source!

Our Operators

This library enables shared functionality across all operators that are currently part of the Stackable Data Platform:

And our internal operators:


Contributions are welcome. Follow our Contributors Guide and the CONTRIBUTING file to learn how you can contribute.


Apache License 2.0.


You can use this project under different licenses. Get started with the community edition! If you want professional support, we offer subscription plans.


A simple wrapper/framework around kube-rs to make implementing Operators/Controllers easier