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Build beautiful, easy to manage websites. The flat-first, open source, Laravel + git powered CMS.

About Statamic

Statamic is an open source, PHP CMS designed and built specifically for developers and their clients or content managers. It runs on Laravel and replaces the pain of managing sites with a childlike sense of wonder and joy. And features like:

  • The ability to run flat files, Eloquent, a database, or custom data drivers
  • An intuitive and beautiful control panel
  • Can be used as a full or headless CMS, in JAMStack projects, or as a static site generator
  • Antlers, a flexible template language that takes all the hard work out of building dynamic templates
  • 40+ fieldtypes – more than any other CMS in the known universe
  • Live Preview
  • Asset Manager, including focal point management
  • Translated into 15+ languages

And the Pro version includes even more:

  • REST API & GraphQL
  • Drag & Drop Nav Builder
  • Form Builder
  • User permissions, roles, and real-time Collaboration
  • Automated Git Integration
  • Multi-site capable
  • And much, much more

The Statamic ecosystem proudly features:

  • A kind-hearted and welcoming community
  • A third-party marketplace with hundreds of free and commercial addons and Starter Kits
  • Technical support provided by the core development team
  • Everything the incredible Laravel Community has to offer

Learning Statamic

Statamic has extensive and friendly documentation and a library of video tutorials to help you ramp up quickly and start falling in love with the platform.

Additional Resources

You can help with our open source efforts in many ways: by resolving open issues, improving the docs, blogging what you've learned, or tweeting something helful.

You can also sponsor our open source work via GitHub Sponsors or buy a T-shirt from us.


  1. cms Public

    The core Laravel CMS Composer package

    PHP 2.1k 319

  2. docs Public

    Statamic 3 Documentation

    PHP 79 290

  3. ssg Public

    The official Statamic 3 static site generator package

    PHP 181 17

  4. statamic Public

    Statamic 3: The New Site/App Package

    PHP 580 56

  5. ideas Public

    💡Discussions on ideas and feature requests for Statamic 3


  6. migrator Public

    Statamic v2 to v3 migration helper

    PHP 39 5






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