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Statamic 3 Beta: Core Package
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src bard fields with no sets augment to a string Dec 6, 2019
tests bard fields with no sets augment to a string Dec 6, 2019
.babelrc Pull in jest and configure. Feb 25, 2019
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composer.json update markdown parser, closes #660 Nov 27, 2019
index.html Help users that clone the wrong repo Nov 21, 2019
jest.config.js Pull in jest and configure. Feb 25, 2019
package-lock.json Updated TipTap to solve out of range bug Nov 12, 2019
package.json Updated TipTap to solve out of range bug Nov 12, 2019
phpunit.bat File for Windows to run tests Oct 19, 2019
phpunit.xml.dist Use dist extension Nov 25, 2019
tailwind.js 💄 Increase grey-40's brightness and hue Sep 9, 2019
translator Ability to drop in extra translation strings. Closes #972 Nov 25, 2019
webpack.mix.js Move mix-manifest.json into dist Nov 25, 2019

Statamic Logo

About Statamic 3

Statamic 3 is the very latest and greatest version of Statamic, a uniquely powerful CMS built on Laravel and designed to make building and managing bespoke websites radically efficient and enjoyable.

It's important to note that while this repo is open and we welcome your feedback and contributions, Statamic is not FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Please review our contribution guidelines guidelines for more details!

Note: This repository contains the code for the core CMS package. To start your own website project with Statamic, visit the Statamic application repository.

Open Beta

Statamic 3 is now in open beta! We welcome you try it out, read the docs, experiment, send bug reports, provide thoughtful feedback, and otherwise do anything you feel will make the platform better and more stable for launch.

If this is your first experience with Statamic, please reserve your final judgement until we're out of beta. We've built a solid and flexible foundation and most bugs and rough edges should be minor efforts to address.

Not for Production Use

Statamic 3 Beta is NOT intended for production use. You may encounter show-stopping bugs. Features may be removed last minute. There may still be breaking changes resulting in tedious manual labor and refactoring on your end to get back in sync with master.

So when you're tempted to launch that site you built anyway even after reading this warning, just remember — we told you not to do it and we still love you. ❤️

Pricing, Editions, and Features

Statamic is commercial, paid software (Statamic v2 is $199/site). During the beta you're welcome to use Statamic as much as you'd like in development for free. Start new projects, upgrade your v2 sites, build addons, try dropping it into existing Laravel apps, and so on. When we launch Statamic 3 all you'll need to do is buy or upgrade the appropriate license and be on your way.

After the beta there may be changes to pricing, new or different editions, and other changes to how the features and capabilities are organized. But since you're not going to use Statamic 3 Beta in production it shouldn't be much an issue, right? 😊

Learning Statamic

Statamic 3 has extensive (in progress) documentation. We dedicate a significant amount of time and energy every day to improving them, so if something is unclear, wait a day or two and check back again. If it's still confusing, feel free to open an issue or chat with us on Discord about it!

Support & Feedback

We aren't able to provide "official support" for Statamic 3 in the way we do for Statamic 2. This is a beta, after all. We prefer to think of this phase as a collaborative process. And while we do not recommend using Statamic 3 in production, we do want to know about any issues you run into, any aspects that are confusing, and anything that is horribly broken. Please review the contribution guide before opening issues or pull requests. Thanks!


Our #v3 channel is the best place to casually chat with us and other developers about the Statamic 3 beta.


Thank you for considering contributing to Statamic! Please review the contribution guide before you open issues or send pull requests.

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that the Statamic community is welcoming to all and generally a rad place to belong, please review and abide by the Code of Conduct.

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