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Blog Build Status

I'm trying to do a minimal blog hoping that having it very simple will motivate me to put new stuff regularly. For now the rest of this readme will probably be my cheatsheet/todo list.

Tools used


Develop site locally.

The following command will watch the files, generate the site in the docs/ directory and serve it locally.

npm run dev

Generate the site

npm run build

Will build the site in docs/ which is served by github pages. (This is actually done by the CI)

Publishing the site

Github pages serves the gh-pages branch. The deployment is automated with Github Actions. (The job is here)

In .deploy.yml I use the github pages provider which does the following:

  • Install everything
  • Use npm run build to generate the site in the docs/ directory
  • Checkout the result on the gh-pages branch


To do analytics I use goatcounter because it respects user's privacy and that's important. The dashboard is here


_includes/layouts contains the structure which is used in templates like index.html or posts.html.

The template syntax is nunjucks because so far it seems to be the easieest but maybe I'll change that.