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Docker with the ZED SDK (beta)

This images let you use the ZED SDK with docker, even with the ZED camera connected (or an SVO file)

Getting started

Setup Docker

Since we need CUDA, nvidia-docker must be used (except for compilation only).

Follow the instructions at

Once nvidia-docker is installed, make sure it run fine by launching :

nvidia-docker run --rm nvidia/cuda nvidia-smi

Pull the image from docker hub

All the available images can be found at docker hub

docker pull stereolabs/zed:ubuntu1604-cuda9.0-zed2.6
nvidia-docker run -it --privileged stereolabs/zed:ubuntu1604-cuda9.0-zed2.6

--privileged option is used to pass through all the device to the docker container, it might not be very safe but provides an easy solution to connect the USB3 camera to the container.

The images are built with Gitlab CI

OpenGL support

A container is also available with OpenGL display support (from nvidia/cudagl container).

docker pull stereolabs/zed:ubuntu1604-cuda9.0-zed2.6-gl

To run it, we need to add the right to connect to the X server :

xhost +si:localuser:root

While being simple, please note that this can be a security concern, considering the right given to the container.

Then to run it :

nvidia-docker run -it --privileged -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix stereolabs/zed:ubuntu1604-cuda9.0-zed2.6-gl

Any OpenGL tools are now able to run, for instance :

/usr/local/zed/tools/ZED\ Explorer

For more information on the display usage checkout the ROS documentation about using Docker with X server.

Rebuilt or modifying the image

Build the image

The images are based on cuda images from nvidia

The cuda version can easily be change, as the ZED SDK version.

Go to the folder with the version needed and run for instance :

cd 2.6/ubuntu1604/cuda9.0/devel
docker build -t zed:ubuntu1604-cuda9.0-zed2.6 .

Run the local image

nvidia-docker run -it --privileged zed:ubuntu1604-cuda9.0-zed2.6

The camera connection can be verified using lsusb:

lsusb -d 2b03: -vvv


This is a first version of docker images for the ZED. Feel free to open an issue if you find a bug, or a pull request for bug fixes, features or other improvements.