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The simple way to download and unrestrict DDL files, torrents and magnets
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The simple way to download and unrestrict DDL files, torrents and magnets.



npm install --global rdcli

And set your real-debrid account as enviroment variable on your ~/.bashrc

export REALDEBRID_USERNAME=your_username
export REALDEBRID_PASSWORD=your_password


Usage: rdcli <url|magnet|torrent>


  -V, --version  output the version number
  -p, --print    Print unrestricted link only
  -h, --help     output usage information

Running the tests

make test


Support me with a monthly donation and help me continue my activities:


Buy me a beer (BTC): bitcoin:112aZxX9Jiya4TM6Le4foxTq9V8U6aVGbG


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0 - see the LICENSE.txt file for details

Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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