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streamABC Player SDKs / APIs

Ver. 1.2.0 09-01-2020

streamABC offers two open Javascript player SDKs to interact with our player related APIs.

  • sABC.Playerservices - methods for metadata and other meta information for listeners, channels and stations
  • sABC.Radio - methods to implement a web player that can control skips for Radioplayer or stand-alone players

streamABC player SDKs are implemented as JavaScript libraries and use the sABC namespace. You need to include the specific JS file in your web application to use it.

Compatibility: All streamABC libraries need a modern webbrowser. All recent versions of major browsers are supported. Because we make strong use of Websockets some services will only work in a compatibility mode if no Websockets connection can be established.

Documentation for sABC.Playerservices Documentation for sABC.Radio


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