minimal python client for talking to a superfastmatch instance
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Python library for interacting with a superfastmatch server.

  • superfastmatch.client.Client: Simple client for querying a single server.
  • superfastmatch.federated.Cient: Client that spreads queries across multiple servers, sharding based on doctype.
  • superfastmatch.djangoclient.Client: Subclass of superfastmatch.client.Client that is configured via django.conf.settings.SUPERFASTMATCH.
  • superfastmatch.iterators.DocumentIterator: Iterates over all documents on the server via one of the above Client classes.
  • superfastmatch.iterators.FederatedDocumentIterator: Iterates over the documents on multiple servers via a Client class for each server. This is similar to using a DocumentIterator over a superfastmatch.federated.FederatedClient but the time-space trade-offs differ.

superfastmatch.djangoclient.from_django_conf is a factory method that creates the appropriate client based on the structure of the configuration in django.conf.settings.SUPERFASTMATCH. Given the configuration below, from_django_conf() would create a superfastmatch.client.Client because the default key maps to a dict.

    'default': {
        'url': 'http://localhost:8080/'

Specifying a list or tuple will yield a superfastmatch.federated.FederatedClient:

    'default': [
        { 'doctypes': [1, 2],
          'url': 'http://localhost:8080'
        { 'doctypes': [3],
          'url': 'http://otherhost:8080'


This library comes with a backup tool and a corresponding restore tool. The backup tools iterates over documents on a superfastmatch server, pickles the portable attributes, and stores them in a zip file. The restore tool does the inverse operation, optionally allowing you to translate the stored doctypes (though not docids) in the process.

python -m -h
usage: [-h] [--url URL] [--overwrite] [--chunksize BYTES]
                 RANGE_STRING OUTPATH

positional arguments:
  RANGE_STRING       Range string of doctypes to backup, e.g. 1:4-7:10
  OUTPATH            File to write to.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --url URL          URL of the Superfastmatch server.
  --overwrite        Overwrite OUTFILE if it already exists.
  --chunksize BYTES  The approximate number of bytes (uncompressed) to store
                     in each chunk. Lower numbers trade performance for less
                     memory usage. (default: 10M)

python -m -h
usage: [-h] [--dryrun] [--doctypes MAPPING] [--url URL] INPATH

positional arguments:
  INPATH              Backup file to read.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --dryrun            Don't actually restore the documents. Just run through
                      the backup file.
  --doctypes MAPPING  A string describing how to translate doctypes during the
                      restore process.
  --url URL           URL of the Superfastmatch server.