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Build Package License: MIT

Isomorphic JavaScript client for PostgREST. The goal of this library is to make an "ORM-like" restful interface.

Full documentation can be found here.

Quick start


npm install @supabase/postgrest-js


import { PostgrestClient } from '@supabase/postgrest-js'

const REST_URL = 'http://localhost:3000'
const postgrest = new PostgrestClient(REST_URL)

Custom fetch implementation

postgrest-js uses the cross-fetch library to make HTTP requests, but an alternative fetch implementation can be provided as an option. This is most useful in environments where cross-fetch is not compatible, for instance Cloudflare Workers:

import { PostgrestClient } from '@supabase/postgrest-js'

const REST_URL = 'http://localhost:3000'
const postgrest = new PostgrestClient(REST_URL, {
  fetch: (...args) => fetch(...args),


This repo is licensed under MIT License.


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