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XcodeArchiveCache, native targets cache for Xcode archive builds
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Native targets cache for Xcode archive builds.


⚠️ Alpha software ⚠️

  • This tool is intended to be used in CI workflows.
  • To reuse cached build products, it changes project files.
  • Remote caching is planned but not implemented yet.
  • Current implementation supports native targets only. Targets should have framework or static library products.


  • Without Bundler: gem install xcode-archive-cache
  • With Bundler: add gem 'xcode-archive-cache' to Gemfile


XcodeArchiveCache has a simple DSL similar to Cocoapods DSL. Configuration is stored in a file called Cachefile. Place Cachefile in the project's root directory.

Example configuration:

workspace "Workspace" do
  configuration "release" do
    build_configuration "Release"
    xcodebuild_args "SOME_FLAG='1' -UseModernBuildSystem=NO"

  derived_data_path "build"

  target "Target" do
    cache "Pods_Target.framework"
    cache "libStaticLibrary.a"

Example command:

xcode-archive-cache inject --configuration=release --storage="$HOME/build_cache"


  • Run xcode-archive-cache before building app. This will update the cache and inject cached products into the project.
  • Archive the app as usual (Xcode, xcodebuild, Fastlane)

Please refer to the example project for usage examples.

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