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NPM package for sweetp services written in node.js
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Base package for Sweetp services developed with node.js

NPM version

Sweetp main site.


  • simple DSL to define service methods easily
  • asynchronous callback API like node.js packages
  • wire protocol abstracted for you, again, so you can write new services easily
  • call other services


Service creation

var service, methods, client, sweetp, log;

log = require('sweetp-base/lib/log')('YOUR SERVICE NAME:internal:');
sweetp = require('sweetp-base');

// service methods with sweetp meta data
service = {

    // add methods as properties of the service object, the key is used as target
        // target:"/yourService/your/own/target/string/", /* optional! */
        options: {
            // description which params you need from sweetp
            params: {
                // use URL to call other services
                url: sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.url,
                // define own parameters
                // or fetch config
                config: sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.projectConfig
            // add simple descriptions so everyone knows what this method does
            description: {
                summary:"Get user and password for 'key'.",
                example:"more fancy text here, you can use HTML here",
                returns:"a string with text"
        // assign a function to the "fn" property, this gets executed when the service method gets called
        fn:function(params, callback) {
            // create unicorns here or any other fancy stuff which makes you more productive

            log.debug("Search for unicorns.");
  "I create beautiful unicorns.");
            log.warn("uh oh, no unicorns??");
            log.error("No unicorns!!!! :(");

            return callback(null, "This is your response and can be a String or JSON.");


// create service methods and start sweetp service (client)
methods = sweetp.createMethods(service, '/yourService/');
client = sweetp.start("YOUR SERVICE NAME", methods);

Put this in a file like /somedir/foo.js. Add this to your Sweetp services.json file:


Now (re-)start Sweetp server and you should be able to call your example service with http://localhost:7777/services/yourService/yourMethod :-)

Call other service

Calling an other service is easy. Fetch the url of the Sweetp server your service is running with parameter type sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.url. Add parameters for the service call as simple map and put in the other parameters:

var callback = function (err, result) {
    console.log('result from service call', result);
var params = {
    title:'This is my title',
    message:'This is my message'
sweetp.callService(url, "noproject", "ui/dialog/password", params, false, callback);

This would call the service "ui/dialog/password" of project "noproject", which runs in the same Sweetp server instance as your service. As result you going to get the answer of the called service.

Parameter types

See JVM version for more details.

sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.url = "url"; = "one";
sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.projectConfig = "projectConfig";
sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.list = "list";
sweetp.PARAMETER_TYPES.request = "request";
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