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Latest commit d885ec8 @stof stof Update the changelog
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CacheWarmer cs cleanup
Command Fix kriswallsmith/spork ProcessManager::__construct signature change
Config Updated the AsseticResource to the new interface
Controller bug #332 Use the etag in the internal AssetCache cache key (EvanPurkh…
DependencyInjection feature #357 [Config] Treat NULL like "all bundles" (default behaviou…
EventListener Updating RequestListener to set additional format for SVG files
Exception fix undefined variable
Factory Fixed CS
Resources/config Add support for the precision configuration for scss too
Routing bug #183 Skip assets created by the assetic.asset DI tag in the routi…
Templating Add symfony 3.0 support
Tests Add symfony 3.0 support
Twig Add support for Twig 2
.gitignore Simplified the phpunit config and ignored the composer files
.travis.yml Add symfony 3.0 support
AsseticBundle.php cs cleanup Update the changelog
DefaultValueSupplier.php cs cleanup
FilterManager.php updated my email address
LICENSE added license file Add a readme file updated upgrade file
composer.json Add symfony 3.0 support
phpunit.xml.dist Simplified the phpunit config and ignored the composer files


The AsseticBundle provides integration of the Assetic library into the Symfony2 framework.

More information in the official documentation.


This bundle is released under the MIT license

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