The Console component eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces.
fabpot Merge branch '4.1'
* 4.1:
  fixed typo
  [FrameworkBundle] fixed brackets position in method calls
  Add placeholder support in bootstrap 4 file fields
  [Form] Improve rendering of `file` field in bootstrap 4
  [Form] Fix PHPDoc for FormConfigBuilder $dataClass argument
  [Security] Update user phpdoc on tokens
  [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed icon alignment issue using Bootstrap 4.1.2
  suppress side effects in 'get' or 'has' methods of NamespacedAttributeBag
  [HttpFoundation] reset callback on StreamedResponse when setNotModified() is called
  [HttpFoundation] Fixed phpdoc for get method of HeaderBag
  fix typo in ContainerBuilder docblock
  [Form/Profiler] Massively reducing memory footprint of form profiling pages by removing redundant 'form' variable from view variables.
  [Console] correctly return parameter's default value on "--"
  [DependencyInjection] add missing test for #27710
  [EventDispatcher] Clear orphaned events on TraceableEventDispatcher::reset
  Fix serialization of abstract items with groups across multiple entities
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Command Merge branch '3.4' into 4.0 Jul 7, 2018
CommandLoader [Console] Add a factory command loader for standalone application wit… Jul 15, 2017
DependencyInjection [Console] Simplify parameters in DI Dec 24, 2017
Descriptor [DI] Minor performance tweak in PriorityTaggedServiceTrait May 4, 2018
Event Merge branch '3.4' into 4.0 Dec 12, 2017
EventListener Fix PSR exception context key Apr 17, 2018
Exception Revert "feature #26702 Mark ExceptionInterfaces throwable (ostrolucky)" May 30, 2018
Formatter renamed Contract to Contracts Jul 13, 2018
Helper feature #26933 [Console] Add title table (maidmaid) Jul 11, 2018
Input Merge branch '4.0' into 4.1 Jul 16, 2018
Logger Replace more docblocks by type-hints Nov 7, 2017
Output Merge branch '4.0' into 4.1 Jul 9, 2018
Question Merge branch '3.4' Nov 19, 2017
Resources/bin Move `hiddeninput.exe` to Resources/bin Oct 16, 2012
Style Merge branch '4.0' into 4.1 Jul 5, 2018
Tester [Console] add setInputs to ApplicationTest and share some code Nov 12, 2017
Tests Merge branch '4.1' Jul 16, 2018
.gitignore Added missing files .gitignore Jul 21, 2013
Application.php [Console] Add option to automatically run suggested command if there … Feb 22, 2018 [Process][Console] deprecated defining commands as strings Jul 6, 2018
ConsoleEvents.php Merge branch '3.4' Nov 5, 2017
LICENSE fixed years in copyright Jan 3, 2018 Updated all the README files Mar 4, 2016
Terminal.php Allow terminal dimensions to be set to 0 (unbounded) Apr 11, 2017
composer.json Added symfony/contracts: a set of abstractions extracted out of the c… Jul 11, 2018
phpunit.xml.dist Merge branch '2.7' into 2.8 Apr 12, 2017