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* 5.1:
  fix merge
  Require PHPUnit 9.3 on PHP 8
  [Cache] fix catching auth errors
  Fix CS
  [FrameworkBundle] set default session.handler alias if handler_id is not provided
  Fix CS
  Readability update
  Removed @internal from Composite
  Fix checks for phpunit releases on Composer 2 (resolves #37601)
  [Messenger] fix ignore account & endpoint options amazon sqs connection
  [Serializer] Support multiple levels of discriminator mapping
  Use hexadecimal numerals instead of hexadecimals in strings to represent error codes.
  [SCA] Minor fixes on tests
  [WebProfilerBundle] modified url generation to use absolute urls
  [Mailer] Fix reply-to functionality in the SendgridApiTransport
  [Mime] Fix compat with HTTP requests
  ticket_36879 - Fix mandrill raw http request setting from email/name

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ErrorHandler Component

The ErrorHandler component provides tools to manage errors and ease debugging PHP code.

Getting Started

$ composer require symfony/error-handler
use Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\Debug;
use Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\ErrorHandler;
use Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\DebugClassLoader;


// or enable only one feature

// If you want a custom generic template when debug is not enabled
// HtmlErrorRenderer::setTemplate('/path/to/custom/error.html.php');

$data = ErrorHandler::call(static function () use ($filename, $datetimeFormat) {
    // if any code executed inside this anonymous function fails, a PHP exception
    // will be thrown, even if the code uses the '@' PHP silence operator
    $data = json_decode(file_get_contents($filename), true);
    $data['read_at'] = date($datetimeFormat);
    file_put_contents($filename, json_encode($data));

    return $data;


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