[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Framework Bundle
Latest commit 2810e72 Dec 8, 2016 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.2'
* 3.2: (51 commits)
  [FrameworkBundle] [Workflow] Fix service marking store configuration
  Fix merge
  [Validator] add class name to the cache key
  [Serializer] Remove AbstractObjectNormalizer::isAttributeToNormalize
  Throw less misleading exception when property access not found
  [Twig] Fix deprecations with Twig 1.29
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix validation cache warmer with failing or missing classes
  Fixed typo
  [FrameworkBundle] Removed the kernel.debug parameter from the cache pool namespace seed
  Fix email address
  fix the docblock in regard to the role argument
  [Bridge\Twig] Trigger deprecation when using FormExtension::$renderer
  Don't use the "app" global variable in the profiler
  [VarDumper] fix tests when xdebug is enabled
  Fix merge
  [Form] Add failing test for data collector bug
  [Cache] Fix dumping SplDoublyLinkedList iter mode
  [Form] Fix FormDataCollector
  Ignore missing 'debug.file_link_formatter' service in Debug and Twig bundles
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CacheWarmer bug #20725 [HttpKernel] Fix annotation cache warmer with failing or m… Dec 8, 2016
Command [FrameworkBundle] Resolve env params in debug:config command Nov 30, 2016
Console Merge branch '3.2' Dec 8, 2016
Controller Merge branch '3.1' into 3.2 Nov 25, 2016
DataCollector [FrameworkBundle] Extends the RequestDataCollector Mar 30, 2016
DependencyInjection Merge branch '3.2' Dec 8, 2016
EventListener unified return null usages Apr 18, 2014
HttpCache [FrameworkBundle] remove deprecated method 'createEsi' Nov 29, 2014
Kernel added a micro kernel Nov 4, 2015
Resources feature #20260 [DependencyInjection] Support autowiring for EventDisp… Dec 6, 2016
Routing [FrameworkBundle] Forbid env parameters in routing configuration Nov 29, 2016
Templating Added a default ide file link web view Oct 25, 2016
Test Merge branch '2.7' into 2.8 Jan 7, 2016
Tests Merge branch '3.2' Dec 8, 2016
Translation [Translation] added Base Exception for the component. Sep 21, 2016
Validator added friendly exception when constraint validator does not exist or … Aug 24, 2016
.gitignore Added missing files .gitignore Jul 21, 2013
CHANGELOG.md Removing the Controller::getUser() deprecation Oct 14, 2016
Client.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.7 Mar 16, 2016
FrameworkBundle.php [FrameworkBundle] Dont rely on any parent definition for "cache.annot… Nov 24, 2016
LICENSE Move licenses according to new best practices Jan 31, 2016
README.md add readme files where missing Mar 7, 2016
composer.json updated version to 3.3 Nov 19, 2016
phpunit.xml.dist Make redis host configurable in tests Sep 19, 2016