Provides integration for Monolog with various Symfony components.
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '4.2'
* 4.2: (27 commits)
  [VarExporter] dont call userland code with uninitialized objects
  Fix typos in doc blocks
  [Debug] ignore underscore vs backslash namespaces in DebugClassLoader
  [TwigBridge][Form] Prevent multiple rendering of form collection prototypes
  [FrameworkBundle] fix describing routes with no controllers
  [DI] move RegisterServiceSubscribersPass before DecoratorServicePass
  Update ValidationListener.php
  [Yaml] ensures that the mb_internal_encoding is reset to its initial value
  [Messenger] Restore message handlers laziness
  [WebLink] Fixed documentation link
  [Security] getTargetPath of TargetPathTrait must return string or null
  [Hackday][Serializer] Deserialization ignores argument type hint from phpdoc for array in constructor argument
  Optimize perf by replacing call_user_func with dynamic vars
  [Cache] Fix dsn parsing
  [Routing] fix dumping same-path routes with placeholders
  [WebProfilerBundle][TwigBundle] CSS fixes
  Add a docblock for FormFactoryInterface
  [Security] defer log message in guard authenticator
  [Validator] Added IBAN format for Vatican City State
  merge conflicts
Latest commit 197436d Dec 13, 2018