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The Security CSRF (cross-site request forgery) component provides a class CsrfTokenManager for generating and validating CSRF tokens.
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '4.4'
* 4.4: (27 commits)
  [Validator] add notice in UPGRADE file for new Range constraint option
  [CssSelector] Support *:only-of-type pseudo class selector
  [Intl] Update the ICU data to 65.1 (4.4 branch)
  [Intl] Update the ICU data to 65.1 (4.3 branch)
  Replace deprecated calls in tests
  [Intl] Update the ICU data to 65.1
  [DI] Whitelist error_renderer.renderer tag  in UnusedTagsPass
  [DI] Whitelist validator.auto_mapper in UnusedTagsPass
  [HttpClient] Fixed #33832 NO_PROXY option ignored in NativeHttpClient::request() method
  [EventDispatcher] A compiler pass for aliased userland events.
  [Cache] give 100ms before starting the expiration countdown
  [Cache] fix logger usage in CacheTrait::doGet()
  [VarDumper] fix dumping uninitialized SplFileInfo
  Added missing translations.
  [Form] Added CountryType option for using alpha3 country codes
  Fixed invalid changelog 4.0.0 for VarDumper
  [Workflow] Fixed BC break on WorkflowInterface
  Fix wrong expression language value
Latest commit f21847a Oct 7, 2019

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