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Provides Sendgrid integration for Symfony Mailer
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '5.0'
* 5.0: (31 commits)
  [HttpClient] NativeHttpClient should not send >1.1 protocol version
  [HttpClient] fix support for non-blocking resource streams
  [Mailer] Make sure you can pass custom headers to Mailgun
  [Mailer] Remove line breaks in email attachment content
  Update links to documentation
  [Validator] Add the missing translations for the Arabic (ar) locale
  ensure to expect no validation for the right reasons
  [Security-Guard] fixed 35203 missing name tag in param docblock
  [HttpClient] fix casting responses to PHP streams
  [PhpUnitBridge] Add test case for @expectedDeprecation annotation
  [PhpUnitBridge][SymfonyTestsListenerTrait] Remove $testsWithWarnings stack
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix getUser() phpdoc in AbstractController
  [Mailer] Fix addresses management in Sendgrid API payload
  [Mailer][MailchimpBridge] Fix missing attachments when sending via Mandrill API
  [Mailer][MailchimpBridge] Fix incorrect sender address when sender has name
  [HttpClient] fix capturing SSL certificates with NativeHttpClient
  Update year in license files
  Update year in license files
  [TwigBridge][Form] Added missing help messages in form themes
  Update year in license files
Latest commit 6c33d6e Jan 4, 2020

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