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[Facelift] Databases and Propel (book/propel.rst) #2381

weaverryan opened this Issue Mar 30, 2013 · 1 comment

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This ticket is about re-reading this document and giving it a facelift. No matter who you are, you have a role to play in this.

How this works:

If you read this document and find some changes, you can either comment here or (even better) create a pull request. After various people have reviewed this chapter, we'll close this issue.

What to do

Well, that depends on who you are :)

If you're newer to Symfony

Read the entry and code along with it.
a) Are there inaccuracies - code that doesn't work?
b) Are there parts that just don't understand very well?
c) Are there details that aren't explained enough?
d) Is there language that's confusing?
e) Did you fall asleep while reading it? If so, good morning! Why was it so boring?
f) Are there inconsistencies between sections?

If you know Symfony pretty darn well (or want a challenge)!

a) Are there inconsistencies between sections?
b) Do you spot anything that can be done better?
c) Are we following best practices?
d) Are there sections that are too advanced or details that should be moved into a new section to keep this readable?
e) Should some details here belong somewhere else? Like in the component documentation?
f) Are there places where we can link to other areas in the documentation to help the learner cross reference?

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WouterJ commented Apr 1, 2013
  • Suppose you're building an application where products need to be displayed. First, create a schema.xml file inside the Resources/config directory of your AcmeStoreBundle:
    -- Creating a Model Class

    Wait, what do we put into that file? That is never explained. (we only get a bunch of xml code)

  • It's a little funny that we set a price of 19.99 in an integer field, that means you get 20 into your database

  • I'm missing a Propel Field Type reference (like doctrine has)
@WouterJ WouterJ closed this Dec 23, 2013
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