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A set of translation abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
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fabpot Merge branch '4.4'
* 4.4:
  fixed CS
  fixed CS
  fixed CS
  fixed CS
  Do not log or call the proxy function when the locale is the same
  Added missing required dependencies on psr/cache and psr/container in symfony/cache-contracts and symfony/service-contracts respectively.
  [HttpClient] fix closing debug stream prematurely
  [Mailer] made code more robust
  Restore compatibility with php 5.5
  fixed sender/recipients in SMTP Envelope
  collect called listeners information only once
  [HttpClient] add HttplugClient for compat with libs that need httplug v1 or v2
  [HttpKernel] Remove TestEventDispatcher.
Latest commit cb4b18a Jun 13, 2019

Symfony Translation Contracts

A set of abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components.

Can be used to build on semantics that the Symfony components proved useful - and that already have battle tested implementations.

See for more information.

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