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* users/stdiscosrv: Add Apache Reverse Proxy config to the discosrv documentation

* users/stdiscosrv: Improve documentation for proxying the discovery server with Apache httpd.

* Move the Apache configurations further down in the discovery server
  configuration page;
* Make it explicit what is required and what may be optional;
* Improve the information regarding modules that have to be enabled beforehand
  for proxying to work.

* users/stdiscosrv: Minor phrasing improvements, addressing review comments

* users/stdiscosrv: Further clarifications about when the id parameter is required when the discovery server is behind a proxy
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Syncthing Docs

This repo is the source behind


To edit the documentation you need a GitHub account. Once you have created one and logged in, you can edit any page by navigating to the corresponding file and clicking the edit (pen) icon. This will create a so called "fork" and a "pull request", which will be approved by one of the existing documentation team members. Once you have made a contribution or two, you can be added to the documentation team and perform edits without requiring approval.

In the long run, learning to use Git and running Sphinx on your computer is beneficial.

First steps to run it locally:

git clone
pip install -U Sphinx
cd docs
make html
# open _build/html/index.html

You can also use our Docker image to build the documentation, which is the same thing the build server does in the end:

./ html


The documentation is divided into an index page (index.rst) and various subsections. The sections are:

  • Introductory information in intro.
  • Information for users in users.
  • Information for developers in dev.

The documentation uses the rst format. For a starting point check out the reStructuredText Primer


All documentation and protocol specifications are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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