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The Tango RFC project aims at define the kernel specification.
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Tango Request For Comments (RFC)

This repository is the home of all Tango Open Specification.

The process to add or change an RFC is the following:

  • An RFC is created and modified by pull requests according to the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4).
  • The RFC life-cycle SHOULD follow the life-cycle defined in the Consensus-Oriented Specification System (COSS).

Current RFCs

Short Name Title Type Status Editor
RFC-1 The Tango control system Standard Raw Lorenzo Pivetta
RFC-2 The device object model Standard Raw Vincent Hardion
RFC-3 The command model Standard Draft Sergi Blanchi-Torné
RFC-4 The attribute model Standard Raw Sergi Blanchi-Torné
RFC-5 The property model Standard Raw Gwenaelle Abeillé
RFC-6 The database system Standard Raw
RFC-8 The server model Standard Raw
RFC-9 The class model Standard Raw
RFC-10 The Request-Reply protocol Standard Raw
RFC-11 The Request-Reply protocol - CORBA implementation Standard Raw
RFC-12 The Publisher-Subscriber protocol Standard Raw Vincent Hardion
RFC-13 The Publisher-Subscriber protocol - ZeroMQ implementation Standard Raw
RFC-XX The dynamic attribute and command Standard Raw
RFC-XX Logging service Standard Raw
RFC-XX Cache system Standard Raw
RFC-XX Memorised attribute service Standard Raw
RFC-XX Authorisation system Standard Raw
RFC-XX High Level API Standard Raw
RFC-XX High Level API - Python implementation Standard Raw
RFC-XX High Level API - Java implementation Standard Raw
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