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Vim Arduino

This script allows you to compile and deploy Arduino (*.pde) sketches directly from Vim. I haven't had the time or need to keep this project up to date, but it looks like jplaut/vim-arduino-ino is another good option for similar functionality.


The plugin should be organized in a manner that works well with pathogen. I personally use janus to manage my MacVim setup so adding this line to my ~/.janus.rake file does the trick:

vim_plugin_task "vim-arduino", ""


You must have a pde (Arduino sketch) open in the current buffer.

<Leader>ac - Compile the current sketch.

<Leader>ad - Compile and deploy the current sketch.

<Leader>as - Open a serial port in screen.

The default key mapping can be turned off by doing this in your .vimrc:

let g:vim_arduino_map_keys = 0


There are a few settings you might need to set:

"Default: /Applications/
let g:vim_arduino_library_path = /path/to/arduino/installation
"Default: result of `$(ls /dev/tty.* | grep usb)`
let g:vim_arduino_serial_port = /my/serial/port


You must have the Arduino IDE installed. Currently only Version 0022 is supported.