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Since v1.1-alpha11.180.231

tcWebHooks has introduced a new REST API which can be installed as an additional plugin. See releases

This first version supports the CRUD of WebHook-Templates only. It does not yet support editing webhooks.

The base URL for the Templates section of WebHook REST API is /app/rest/webhooks/templates and an Administration tab is located at /admin/admin.html?item=tcWebHooksRestApi

Fixing a JAXB jar conflict with the REST API.

When the tcWebHooksPlugin-REST-API is first installed, there is a jar conflict with the TeamCity REST API plugin.

  • After the tcWebHooksPlugin-REST-API plugin has been installed and teamcity has restarted
  • Go to the Administration section in teamcity. If the conflict is present, there will be a yellow bar at the top warning that Editing WebHook Templates via the REST API may fail.
  • Click the More info link and clean the plugins.
  • You will then need to restart TeamCity as soon as possible. See Fixing-the-REST-API-Jar-Conflict for more details.

This process needs to be repeated after each TeamCity upgrade. TeamCity 2017.2 has introduced a way to restart TeamCity from the Adminstration pages, so this process is relatively simple now.

Docs coming soon

Documentation on using the REST API will be developed in upcoming releases. If you want to have a look at it in use, you can view the requests made by the WebHook Templates : Web UI in your browser's development console.

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