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CodinGame Starter Project

This repository is a starter project to develop C++ CodinGame bots. You can read this article on my blog to learn how to use it.


  • src/bot.cpp, the main source file for the bot
  • src/configuration.h, the main configuration file for the bot
  • tests/unit_tests.cpp, the main unit tests file
  •, a simple python script to merge source code into a single file
  • .vscode/ folder that activate C++ indexing and python linting in the project
  • CMakeLists.txt, to generate a build configuration.


This project is meant to be used with the following tools installed:

  • cmake to generate a build configuration for your projects
  • ninja or make to build your projects (those are the only generators that produces compile_commands.json files, used by VSCode to parse and index C++ sources)
  • clang to compile c++ files
  • python to execute merge_source_files
  • lld to link compiled c++ files.

If you want to use another compiler or another linker, add options for your configuration in the CMakeLists.txt file.

It is part of a set-up I use to develop C++ CodinGame bots. A VSCode extension feeds the following variables to the cmake file:

  • REPOSITORY_ROOT, which is the path to my main repository, storing all my tools and my bots
  • INCLUDE_DIR, path to the folder containing all the common headers I use for bots and tools
  • LIB_DIR, path to the folder containing all the common libraries I use for my tools