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Welcome to the Darwin Core Questions & Answers Site

What is this about

This repository is intended to be part of a public forum to capture questions and provide answers and examples for topics related to the use of the Darwin Core standard. You can find the Questions & Answers pages in the wiki for this repository.

How to navigate this repository

In the following short video, we show how to navigate this repository and the things you can do in it.

How can I participate

If you have topics to discuss in a live open forum, please submit them via the Darwin Core Hour Input Form and attend webinars in the Darwin Core Hour series. If you would like to be notified of conversations on this site, join GitHub if you have not already done so, then click on the "Watch" selection box at the top right of this page. If you would like to participate in technical discussions on the Darwin Core standard, "Watch" the Darwin Core Github repository. If you anre interested in biodiversity standards in general, please subscribe to the tdwg-content discussion list hosted by Biodiversity Information Standards - TDWG.

Now, if you are thinking something like: “But, wait… I am new to GitHub and I do not understand very well how all of this works… What are the different tabs? What are the issues? And the wiki?” Don’t worry, we all felt that same way at some point, and we know it’s hard, so we’ve built a sort of “guide me through it”. Take a look at How to navigate this site wiki page in this same repository.

Darwin Core Questions & Answers and Darwin Core Hour Series, how do they relate?

It’s simple.

  • Darwin Core Questions & Answers site is where you are now. This is the place where all questions get submitted to via the Darwin Core Hour Input Form, where answers are permanently captured, and where documentation is built and made available for consultation (Questions & Answers pages in the wiki for this repository).
  • Darwin Core Hour series is a series of periodical talks (that we friendly call “the Webinars”) that address some of the topics laid out as questions in this site, and where there is an instance to discuss directly with the speakers and the rest of the community.

So… how are they related?

Well, as you can see in the graph below, they feed each other: questions submitted to this site give birth to topics for webinar talks, and more questions from those webinar talks are submitted to this site. And, out of both, answers get to the community and documentation is continuously built.

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Public question and answer site for discussions about Darwin Core








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