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Simple and complete DOM testing playground that encourage good testing practices.

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All Contributors

Playground for testing-library/dom

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Testing-Library makes it easy to get started with testing. But even then, it can still be challenging to find the right queries or to understand why an element isn't being matched.

Testing-Playground provides you with direct feedback. Trying to visualize the direct impact of adding and removing specific (aria) attributes. All to give you some visual support while learning about the importance of aria roles, labels, and attributes.


Testing-Playground can also be embedded. There is are two embed modes. Manual integration, and oembed.


To get started with oembed, you'll simply need to copy / paste your direct playground links into a supporting platform.

Manual integration (demo)

Follow the following steps if you wish to have an interactive playground on your website.

Add the following snippet directly before your closing </body> tag:

<script async src=""></script>

Create a template element, in which you add to script tags. One for html and one for javascript. Make sure to type them correctly, as that's what our embedder uses to populate the different panes.

Note that the data-testing-playground attribute is required as well.

<template data-testing-playground>
  <script type="text/html"></script>

  <script type="text/javascript"></script>

Now, you can populate the html and javascript elements:

<template data-testing-playground>
  <script type="text/html">

  <script type="text/javascript">


To configure your playground even further, add one or more of the following attributes to your opening <template> tag. Note, don't remove the data-testing-playground attribute!

attribute type default description
data-panes [markup | preview | query | result] ['markup', 'preview', 'query', 'result'] which panes to show, and in what order
data-height number | string 300 height of the element
data-width number | string '100% ' width of the element
data-loading eager | lazy 'lazy' load the frame eager or lazy (see iframe specs)

dynamic updates

Playground can be updated using cross-window messaging after it has been loaded. After the playground is loaded, you can update it with following message: {type: 'UPDATE_DATA', markup: 'new markup', query: 'new query'} with both markup and query being optional.

To find out, if playground is ready, you can listen for a message {source: 'embedded-testing-playground', type: 'READY'} in window from which are you embedding the playground.


<template data-testing-playground data-class="messaging-iframe"></template>
<script type="text/javascript">
  function updatePlayground() {
    const iframe = document.querySelector('.messaging-iframe');
      { type: 'UPDATE_DATA', markup: 'new markup', query: 'new query' },

  window.addEventListener('message', ({ data }) => {
    if (
      data.source === 'embedded-testing-playground' &&
      data.type === 'READY'
    ) {


Future ideas are maintained in Please use the issue tracker to discuss any questions or suggestions you have.

Every section in the roadmap is accompanied by one or more issues. Contributions are most welcome!


Please see for more details. If you just want to run the playground on your own machine, go to your terminal and enter the following commands:

git clone
cd testing-playground
npm ci
npm run start


Thanks goes to these people (emoji key):

Stephan Meijer

🤔 💻 🚇 🚧

Marco Moretti

💻 ⚠️ 📖

Tim Deschryver


Kent C. Dodds


Michaël De Boey


Bianca Del Carretto

💻 📖

Gerrit Alex

💻 ⚠️

Dominik Guzy



📖 💻

Jacob M-G Evans

💻 ⚠️

Sumeesh Nagisetty


Flávio H Freitas


Brandon Everett


Michal Kočárek

💻 🤔

Alejandro Garcia Anglada

💻 📖 ⚠️


💻 ⚠️

Balavishnu V J


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!