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Geoweather module for polybar
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Geoweather module for polybar

A simple weather module for polybar based on your the location of your current ip



  • python3
  • polybar
  • OpenWeatherMap API key
  • ipstack API key


  1. Install python3
  2. Install polybar
  3. Get a free OpenWeatherMap API key by registering at
  4. Get a free ipstack API key by registering at
  5. Enter your API keys into
  6. Add the module to your polybar bar
  7. Reload polybar


Standard output will be celsius. Use -f for Fahrenheit and -k for Kelvin. -k -f

Example module

type = custom/script
interval = 600
format-prefix = " "
format = <label>
exec = python3 /path/to/
exec-if = ping -c 1
format-underline = ${colors.primary}
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