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This repo allows using .NET Core to implement chaincode for Hyperledger Fabric
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Thinktecture Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode .NET Adapter

With this package you are able to build chaincode (aka "Smart Contracts") for Hyperledger Fabric using .NET Core.



The following instructions are meant for developers of the Chaincode.NET package.

Folder structure


The fabric-ccenv-netcore folder contains an adoption of the original fabric-ccenv which additionally installs .NET Core to run the chaincode within a Docker environment.


The src folder contains the code for the NuGet package.



Build Steps

In order to build the source folder, please follow the steps:

  1. Open a terminal within the Chaincode.NET folder and run dotnet restore to restore all the packages
  2. Make sure, you have Golang and the proto files for Hyperledger Fabric installed: go get
  3. Run within the src folder. It will generate the C# classes for Hyperledger Fabric's Protofiles.
  4. Open the Project with JetBrains Rider (preferred) or Visual Studio
  5. Build Chaincode.NET



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