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The code base for Tom Hutson's resume web site.
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Tom's Resume Website

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This repo is the code for my resume website, The goal here is to have a project to maintain to keep myself up to date on the latest technologies/practices and at the same time show that I am actually capable of doing the things listed on my resume. I realize it's not formatted for easy reuse but if anyone would like to fork it and use it for their own site, please feel free.


A few things used in this site:

  • .Net Core 2.2 Web project with .Net Standard class libraries for data, service, and business object layers. The web API is found in the web project. Normally I would seperate these but Azure sites aren't free.
  • Web project uses Razor Pages for the foundation, Sass files for styling, and Gulp/NPM to make life easier managing the script and styling tasks.
  • Data is pulled from a Json file in Google Drive. I may move this into a more traditional storage mechanism but I like the idea of having an easily editable (and free !) storage piece for now.
  • Vue is used to retrieve and display the work history from the web API.
  • Unit tests using xUnit.
  • Google ReCapthcha v2 is used to verify contact form submission.
  • CI and hosting is done on Azure.
  • SSL cert from Let's Encrypt



This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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