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Quick installation of TidalCycles programming environment
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  • homebrew
  • Python 2.x (should already be present on OS X systems)


tidal-bootstrap is small python script which attempts to ease the installation process of the TidalCycles programming environment. It only works on OS X for the moment.

tidal-bootstrap installs the tools mentioned in TidalCycles Getting Started guide.

The script checks if the following programs are installed on the system:

  • SuperCollider
  • Atom
  • ghci (haskell-platform)

If it finds that any of the dependencies are missing, it will ask if the user would like to download the missing dependencies.

Additionally, it will install the Tidal package, the Atom plugin, and check the presence of the SuperCollider SuperDirt quark.

It uses homebrew (specifically homebrew-cask) to fetch and install the different dependencies.


If Haskell < 7.10 is currently installed, you will not be able to install Tidal because Haskell 7.8 broke in El Capitan. Uninstall ghc and cabal-install and try again. It may also be necessary to delete all libraries installed with the old cabal by running rm -rf ~/.cabal.

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