Use PostgreSQL as a remote storage database for Prometheus
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Prometheus remote storage adapter for PostgreSQL

With this remote storage adapter, Prometheus can use PostgreSQL as a long-term store for time-series metrics.

Related packages to install:

Quick start

You can download pre-built binaries here

Docker instructions

A docker image for the prometheus-postgreSQL storage adapter is available on Docker Hub at timescale/prometheus-postgresql-adapter.

The easiest way to use this image is in conjunction with the pg_prometheus docker image provided by Timescale. This image packages PostgreSQL, pg_prometheus, and TimescaleDB together in one docker image.

To run this image use:

docker run --name pg_prometheus -d -p 5432:5432 timescale/pg_prometheus:master postgres \

Then, start the prometheus-postgreSQL storage adapter using:

 docker run --name prometheus_postgresql_adapter --link pg_prometheus -d -p 9201:9201 \
 timescale/prometheus-postgresql-adapter:master \ \

Finally, you can start Prometheus with:

docker run -p 9090:9090 --link prometheus_postgresql_adapter -v /path/to/prometheus.yml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml \

(a sample prometheus.yml file can be found in sample-docker-prometheus.yml in this repository).

Configuring Prometheus to use this remote storage adapter

You must tell prometheus to use this remote storage adapter by adding the following lines to prometheus.yml:

  - url: "http://<adapter-address>:9201/write"
  - url: "http://<adapter-address>:9201/read"


Before building, make sure the following prerequisites are installed:

  • Dep for dependency management.
  • Go

Then build as follows:

# Install dependencies (only required once)
dep ensure

# Build binary

Building new Docker images

# Build Docker image
make docker-image

# Push to Docker registry (requires permission)
make docker-push ORGANIZATION=myorg 


We welcome contributions to this adaptor, which like TimescaleDB is released under the Apache2 Open Source License. The same Contributors Agreement applies; please sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) if you're a new contributor.