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This project has been superseded by Promscale. Like this project, Promscale allows easy storage of Prometheus metrics in TimescaleDB + Postgres, but also offers: automatic partitioning, native compression (typically 95% storage savings), native data retention policies, full SQL and PromQL, and more.

You can find the new project at and more details can be found in our design document.

This project will continue only in maintenance mode.

Prometheus remote storage adapter for PostgreSQL

With this remote storage adapter, Prometheus can use PostgreSQL as a long-term store for time-series metrics.

Related packages to install:

Quick start

You can download pre-built binaries here

Docker instructions

A docker image for the prometheus-postgreSQL storage adapter is available on Docker Hub at timescale/prometheus-postgresql-adapter.

The easiest way to use this image is in conjunction with the pg_prometheus docker image provided by Timescale. This image packages PostgreSQL, pg_prometheus, and TimescaleDB together in one docker image.

To run this image use:

docker run --name pg_prometheus -d -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mypass -p 5432:5432 timescale/pg_prometheus:latest \
 postgres -csynchronous_commit=off

Then, start the prometheus-postgreSQL storage adapter using:

 docker run --name prometheus_postgresql_adapter --link pg_prometheus -d -p 9201:9201 \
 timescale/prometheus-postgresql-adapter:latest \
 -pg-host=pg_prometheus \
 -pg-password=mypass \

Finally, you can start Prometheus with:

docker run -p 9090:9090 --link prometheus_postgresql_adapter -v /path/to/prometheus.yml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml \

(a sample prometheus.yml file can be found in sample-docker-prometheus.yml in this repository).

Configuring Prometheus to use this remote storage adapter

You must tell prometheus to use this remote storage adapter by adding the following lines to prometheus.yml:

  - url: "http://<adapter-address>:9201/write"
  - url: "http://<adapter-address>:9201/read"

Environment variables

All of the CLI flags are also available as environment variables, and begin with the prefix TS_PROM. For example, the following mappings apply:

-adapter-send-timeout => TS_PROM_ADAPTER_SEND_TIMEOUT
-leader-election-rest => TS_PROM_LEADER_ELECTION_REST
-pg-host              => TS_PROM_PG_HOST
-web-telemetry-path   => TS_PROM_WEB_TELEMETRY_PATH

Each CLI flag and equivalent environment variable is also displayed on the help prometheus-postgresql-adapter -h command.

Configuring Prometheus to filter which metrics are sent

You can limit the metrics being sent to the adapter (and thus being stored in your long-term storage) by setting up write_relabel_configs in Prometheus, via the prometheus.yml file. Doing this can reduce the amount of space used by your database and thus increase query performance.

The example below drops all metrics starting with the prefix go_, which matches Golang process information exposed by exporters like node_exporter:

 - url: "http://prometheus_postgresql_adapter:9201/write"
      - source_labels: [__name__]
        regex: 'go_.*'
        action: drop

Additional information about setting up relabel configs, the source_labels field, and the possible actions can be found in the Prometheus Docs.


Before building, make sure the following prerequisites are installed:

Then build as follows:

# Build binary

Building new Docker images

# Build Docker image
make docker-image

# Push to Docker registry (requires permission)
make docker-push ORGANIZATION=myorg


We welcome contributions to this adaptor, which like TimescaleDB is released under the Apache2 Open Source License. The same Contributors Agreement applies; please sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) if you're a new contributor.