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the javascript runtime ( JSRT ) project

  • javascript runtime for windows , based on chakra
  • author: TinySec( @TinySecEx )
  • JSRT is friend for binary hacker , special for windows.
  • this version is a public new version , feel free to open issue.
  • always download the latest version.


host type

filename host arch usage
js.exe console i386 js.exe [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
js64.exe console amd64 js64.exe [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jsw.exe window i386 jsw.exe [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jsw64.exe window amd64 jsw64.exe [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jsida.plw IDA i386 [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jsida.p64 IDA amd64 [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jswd.dll windbg i386 !js [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jswd64.dll windbg amd64 !js [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]
jsk.sys kernel i386 TODO , support kernel access
jsk64.sys kernel amd64 TODO , support kernel access

notice that , all other dll files under i386/amd64 is just optional

just compatible to my first version.

native support feature

  • real native multi-thread support
  • 64-bit number
  • Buffer
  • host full memory access , and support both GC and manual memory manager.
  • c-like printf and sprintf
  • ffi , support some windows type , full windows api access
  • serialize and unserialize
  • re-entry support for windbg and ida mode
  • portable from windows xp ~ windows 10 rs2
  • small dist.
  • anything you want for binary hack.


  • firefox style ctypes
  • c-style struct and union handle
  • kernel support
  • more documents.


Usage: js [options] [--eval script or script.js] [arguments]

 --version	show version
 --verbose	verbose mode
 --help		show help
 --eval		eval mode

JSRT_SYSTEM_MODULE_PATH		system jsrt module search path
JSRT_MODULE_PATH		common jsrt module search path
JSRT_IDA_MODULE_PATH		jsrt-ida module search path
JSRT_WINDBG_MODULE_PATH		jsrt-windbg module search path

more info is at


xp ~ win10 rs2 support


real multi thread support


visual studio debug support( need windows 10 )



enum windows

const ffi = require("ffi");

const printf = require("cprintf").printf;
const sprintf = require("cprintf").sprintf;
const KdPrint = require("cprintf").KdPrint;

var hUser32 = ffi.loadLibrary( "user32.dll" );
var fnEnumWindows = ffi.bindModule( hUser32 ,  "BOOL WINAPI EnumWindows(_In_ void* lpEnumFunc,_In_ LPARAM      lParam); "  );
var fnGetClassNameA = ffi.bindModule( hUser32 ,  "int WINAPI GetClassNameA(_In_  HWND   hWnd,_Out_ LPTSTR lpClassName,_In_  int    nMaxCount);"  );

// BOOL CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc(_In_ HWND   hwnd,_In_ LPARAM lParam);
function enumRoutine( hWnd , lParam )
	var lpClassNameA = Buffer.alloc( 250 ).fill( 0 );

	var nRet = 0;
	nRet = fnGetClassNameA( hWnd , lpClassNameA , 250 );
	printf("0x%p -> %s|\n" , hWnd  , lpClassNameA.toString() );;

	return true;

function main(  )
	var lpEnumFunc = ffi.thunk( enumRoutine , "BOOL CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc(_In_ HWND   hwnd,_In_ LPARAM lParam);"   );

	fnEnumWindows( lpEnumFunc  , 0 );;
	return 0;

if ( !module.parent )

and you will got

0x0001014A -> ForegroundStaging|
0x00010176 -> ForegroundStaging|
0x000100FC -> tooltips_class32|
0x00010100 -> tooltips_class32|
0x002F0A7E -> Net UI Tool Window|
0x01840922 -> Net UI Tool Window|
0x02A50EF4 -> tooltips_class32|
0x016D0E1A -> UIRibbonStdCompMgr|
0x02A00DCC -> tooltips_class32|
0x010C0DA4 -> tooltips_class32|
0x00890D2E -> tooltips_class32|
0x0001041A -> Chrome_SystemMessageWindow|
0x00010414 -> Base_PowerMessageWindow|
0x00010180 -> IME|
0x00010148 -> IME|
0x0001011C -> IME|
0x02630B5A -> IME|
0x015A074C -> IME|


JSRT project had two version ,

  • the pre-version is self use , not-published , it was written between 2015-07 ~ 2016-09
  • the current version is going to public release , support some compatible to other bindings.

the pre-version is used for kernel fuzz ( self use , not-published)

javascript kernel fuzz


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