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Intranet 3

CI Coverage

Version 3.0.0

Intranet3 (Ion) is the next-generation Intranet platform for TJHSST. Using Python, Django, Redis, Postgres, and many other technologies, Ion was developed from the ground up to be simple, well-documented, and extensible.

Documentation (in RestructuredText format) is available inside the "docs" folder or at publicly on the web.

What does the TJ Intranet do? Ion allows students, teachers, and staff at TJHSST to access student information, manage activity signups for TJ's Eighth Period program, and view information on news and events. Read more about how Ion is used at Thomas Jefferson.

Ion now requires Python 3.7+ Python 3.8.5 is currently used in both production and testing environments.

How can I create a testing environment? Read the section on Setting up Vagrant in the documentation.

How can I contribute to Ion? How can I report a bug? How can I report a security issue/vulnerability?

Please read our contributing guide for more information.

Current Intranet maintainer: Laur04

Intranet maintainer emiriti: Theo Ouzhinski (TJ 2020) & anonymoose2