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This is simple WebRTC Exmaple project for iOS written in Swift. result


  • Super simple WebRTC example project written in Swift.
  • Example command lines to build
  • Includes prebuild WebRTC.framework here. (This is for TEST ONLY.) THIS IS REMOVED.
  • Datachannel implementation (text and bytes).
  • File Source implementation.
  • Camera position switching(tap local camera view.)
  • Includes super simple signaling server written in node.js.



  • You need to add WebRTC.framework to your xcode project. see how_to_add If you want to build WebRTC.framework and use it, see how_to_add. Currently, this project uses GoogleWebRTC installed via pod.
  • pod install
  • You need to setup signaling server.
    This project includes simple one at SimpleWebRTCExample_iOS/SignalingServer/.
    You can setup node.js as folows.
    • cd SimpleWebRTCExample_iOS/SignalingServer
    • npm install


  • Firstly, run the signaling server as folows.
    • cd SimpleWebRTCExample_iOS/SignalingServer
    • node server.js node.js server will start at 8080 port.
  • Change signaling server url ( the ipAddress String vallue) to your case in ViewController.swift. You can find your signaling server url in signaling server log.
  • Then, run SinmpleWebRTC on your device or simulator. This example need totaly two devices(simulator & simulator is OK)
  • Check websocket connection state on your device. If it is connected, you can tap call button. WebRTC will be connected.
  • You can send like with like button. You can send plain messages with message button.
  • Enjoy.


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.