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tldr c client

A command line client for tldr, written in plain ISO C90.


On OS X, the client can be installed through homebrew.

# To install latest development version
brew install tldr --HEAD

# To install the latest stable release
brew install tldr

To build the latest version from source:

git clone tldr-c-client
cd tldr-c-client

./           # install dependencies
make                # build tldr
make install        # install tldr

The default prefix for installation is /usr/local/bin.


Building the tldr client is pretty straightforward.


  • clang/gcc
  • libcurl (brew install curl / apt-get install libcurl-dev / apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev)
  • libzip (brew install libzip / apt-get install libzip-dev)
  • pkg-config (brew install pkg-config / apt-get install pkg-config)


The Makefile in the root directory has all you need for builing the project.

Just call make and tldr will build itself.



Autocompletion is supported for bash, zsh, and fish and can be added by sourcing the correct autocompletion file.

The files autocomplete.zsh, autocomplete.bash, and can be found in the autocomplete folder in the root of the repository.


To install the autocompletion, just move the script for your shell to a an easy to access directory (like your home directory), and source it in your .bashrc or .zshrc.

Example for zsh:

mv autocomplete/complete.zsh ~/.tldr.complete
echo "source ~/.tldr.complete" >> ~/.zshrc


usage: ./tldr [-v] [OPTION]... SEARCH

available commands:
    -v                   print verbose output
    --version            print version and exit
    -h, --help           print this help and exit
    -u, --update         update local database
    -c, --clear-cache    clear local database
    -p, --platform=PLATFORM select platform, supported are linux / osx / sunos / common
    -r, --render=PATH    render a local page for testing purposes


Please read the for details.


The MIT License (MIT) - see LICENSE for details.