Solidity Library for parsing and verifying TLS-N proofs.
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TLS-N Utility Library


This library allows the verification and parsing of TLS-N proofs. This version supports proofs with chunk-level granularity signed by a TLS certificate using secp256r1. The TLS-N Utility Library makes use of solidity-bytesutils to parse the proofs.


Verifying a proof

	bytes memory proof = '\x20\x00\x10....
	bool res = tlsnutils.verifyProof(proof);

Getting the generator's response

    bytes memory proof = '\x20\x00\x10....
	bytes memory response = tlsnutils.getResponse(proof);

Getting the requested URL in case of HTTP

    bytes memory proof = '\x20\x00\x10....
	bytes memory url = tlsnutils.getHTTPRequestURL(proof);

Getting the generator's HTTP body (the HTTP response) in case of HTTP

    bytes memory proof = '\x20\x00\x10....
    bytes memory body = tlsnutils.getHTTPBody(proof);

Full Example

For a full example of the library in action, please see BTCPriceFeed.

Ropsten Deployment

The tlsnutils library is deployed on Ropsten (Ethereum's test network) at address 0x92522f31816307715736bf49062f6edd80187bbf.