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Application level tracing for Rust.
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hawkw tracing: prepare to release 0.1.6

- `std::error::Error` as a new primitive type (#277)
- Support for mixing key-value fields and `format_args` messages without
  curly braces as delimiters (#288)


- `tracing-core` dependency to 0.1.5 (#294)
- `tracing-attributes` dependency to 0.1.2

Signed-off-by: Eliza Weisman <>
Latest commit 561c0c8 Aug 20, 2019
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.github chore: start experimenting with github actions (#283) Aug 14, 2019
bin meta: add releasing docs and automation (#141) Jul 3, 2019
nightly-examples examples: make use of tracing APIs more idiomatic (#273) Aug 13, 2019
tracing-attributes attributes: prepare to release 0.1.2 (#293) Aug 20, 2019
tracing-core core: prepare to release 0.1.5 (#287) Aug 16, 2019
tracing-env-logger examples: make use of tracing APIs more idiomatic (#273) Aug 13, 2019
tracing-fmt fmt: demo error support Aug 20, 2019
tracing-futures futures: add initial support for tokio 0.2, futures-preview (#279) Aug 20, 2019
tracing-log log: fix log callsites sometimes not having stable addresses (#285) Aug 15, 2019
tracing-macros examples: update to use Rust 2018 idioms (#271) Aug 13, 2019
tracing-serde examples: make use of tracing APIs more idiomatic (#273) Aug 13, 2019
tracing-slog meta: fixup missing repository links on (#228) Jul 31, 2019
tracing-subscriber subscriber: add function to send an event to the inner subscriber (#286) Aug 15, 2019
tracing-tower-http examples: make use of tracing APIs more idiomatic (#273) Aug 13, 2019
tracing-tower tower: make the load generator example more fun (#276) Aug 14, 2019
tracing tracing: prepare to release 0.1.6 Aug 20, 2019
.gitignore chore: ignore all target dirs (#150) Jul 5, 2019
.travis.yml meta: add Azure Pipelines CI config (#191) Jul 22, 2019 meta: add releasing docs and automation (#141) Jul 3, 2019
Cargo.toml attributes: prepare the instrument macro to release (#251) Aug 8, 2019
LICENSE Introduce `tokio-trace` (#827) Jun 25, 2019 docs: link to published crates in readme (#257) Aug 9, 2019
azure-pipelines.yml tracing: support `no-std` + `alloc` (#263) Aug 10, 2019


Application-level tracing for Rust. Documentation MIT licensed Build Status Gitter chat

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tracing is a framework for instrumenting Rust programs to collect structured, event-based diagnostic information. tracing is maintained by the Tokio project, but does not require the tokio runtime to be used.

Getting Help

First, see if the answer to your question can be found in the API documentation. If the answer is not there, there is an active community in the Tracing Gitter channel. We would be happy to try to answer your question. Last, if that doesn't work, try opening an issue with the question.


🎈 Thanks for your help improving the project! We are so happy to have you! We have a contributing guide to help you get involved in the Tracing project.

Project layout

The tracing crate contains the primary instrumentation API, used for instrumenting libraries and applications to emit trace data. The tracing-core crate contains the core API primitives on which the rest of tracing is instrumented. Authors of trace subscribers may depend on tracing-core, which guarantees a higher level of stability.

Additionally, this repository contains several compatibility and utility libraries built on top of tracing. Some of these crates are in a pre-release state, and are less stable than the tracing and tracing-core crates.

The crates included as part of Tracing are:


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in Tracing by you, shall be licensed as MIT, without any additional terms or conditions.

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